A lot of people have been asking me, "Why are cockroaches enjoying such an increased level of attention nowadays?" That's a pretty good question... if you are a dummy!

I'll try and answer anyway!

They survive through tough shit

Have you ever stepped on a cockroach, thought it was dead, but come back later to find that it walked away unscathed? Of course you have!

Most people think that the reason cockroaches can survive through such sticky situations (not to mention nuclear fallout!!!) is because they have tight exoskeletons. This is only part of the equation. The secret of cockroaches is that they are, more or less, robots built by nature!

To top it all off, they have incredible artificial intelligence that rivals the intelligence of humans, whales, and other pretty smart mammals.

They look cool and can do unimaginable things

Have you looked at a cockroach lately? They have at least four legs, two antennae, and sometimes a pair of wings. They can crawl into tight spaces, fly around your apartment, and eat whatever they want.

Not too long ago, I dressed up like a cockroach for a work costume contest and won a quadcopter drone. It wasn't even that good of a costume, in general, but it won because of what I like to call the "cockroach edge". The look was simply irresistable. The only way I could have lost was if someone wore a better cockroach costume than me!

They know what they like

They like everything.

You never hear a roach complaining about how hungry it is, or that it had a lunch that didn't taste good. Everything tastes good to a roach, and it is constantly on cloud 9. Humans rarely, if ever, make it to cloud 9.

One time, I put on a movie at home (it was Men in Black, if you must know). A cockroach appeared and just chilled and watched the entire film. It probably even laughed at a few of the jokes (I couldn't hear it because I have some hearing loss from when I was a kid, plus I had the volume way up). It made for very congenial company.  In contrast, whenever I watch a movie with friends, we spend about 45 minutes on preamble, trying to find a title that they would even want to watch.


There are plenty more reasons, but the things that I mentioned should be enough to convince you of the fact that cockroaches are super "chill" or "dope"—they deserve their positive reputation! If you don't get it, then I would suggest reading some self-help books about creativity or improving your critical thought processes.