Super Bowl XLIX was not without its surprises! Between Left Shark and the big finale, you probably didn't have a moment to catch your breath!

Everyone knows that the real gold of the Super Bowl can be found in the commercial breaks, not during the big game itself. This year did not disappoint!

At some point, the Dove Men+Care commercial aired, and America was floored by its touching messaging: Fathers who use Dove Men+Care body wash care about their kids. Get it?!?

I thought it was dumb too, but then about 17 seconds in, I saw this:

Roach man attacks child

Cockroach costume steals the show again!

Although the clip with the roach dad was only about 2 seconds long, it definitely increased cockroach awareness by at least 200%! That's something we can all be grateful for.

Check out the clip for yourself:

Around the 38 second mark