It's that time of the year. Yes, I'm talking about the holiday season! To help you celebrate 2014 at your greatest potential, I present you with my two latest musical creations:

  • Easy 29
  • Jesus Christ is 2000 Years Old

I wrote both songs earlier this month, December 2014. With that said, the emotions you feel while listening to these songs come with a guarantee of authenticity.

Easy 29

Everyone knows that my buddy, Tyler "Raw Dawg" Wolff, recently turned 29. In fact, quite a few people turned out for his birthday party earlier this month. Due to the complexity of the party that we put on, I was certain that, aside from our most intimate of friends, nobody would know why they were celebrating. Enter Easy 29.

Easy 29 hits you hard and fast with its smart rhythms and silky smooth  melodies. The vocals, which deliver the insightful and poignant lyrics, are relentless and powerful. The song ends and leaves every listener wanting for more.

Needless to say, after playing this song for our party guests over and over, they all knew why they were in attendance: Tyler's 29th birthday. Also, the fake cockroaches, as usual, were a big hit.

Jesus Christ is 2000 Years Old

I've been noticing a pattern. People who have really popular birthday parties encounter the same issue. Jesus Christ, like Tyler, has one of the most popular birthday parties in history yet the people celebrating usually have no idea why.

Over the years, I've observed people blurt out hollow and meaningless expressions such as, "Merry Christmas!" or "Have a holiday!" They exchange their gifts, and sit around a pine tree and drink hot chocolate. I am certain that none of them know the true reason for which they are celebrating. This new song was written to clarify all of the unknowns surrouding the holiday season.

That's it. They're celebrating because Jesus Christ is turning 2000 years old, give or take.

So painful to listen to. The experience of writing it was abysmal too. Look at the compositional complexity:

While the music captures that "Christmas feel", the lyrics are terrible yet historically accurate. To my credit, the only line I was sure of was "Jesus Christ is 2000 years old." The rest was whatever I blurted out in Tyler's bathroom, where I recorded the vocals, sitting on the toilet.

As soon as I finished recording the first verse and chorus, I knew the song was finished. I could not go on. It hurt too much. But I decided to release what I had already produced. Why? Because I feel that it is important for everyone to know why they are celebrating, whether it's the birthday of Tyler "Raw Dawg" Wolff or Jesus Christ.

Happy birthday, boys!